Somedays you fly, others you trudge

Tuesday I got a bit of a late start on my run. I probably didn’t head out the door until around 8:30am and it was already in the 80s. For some reason I decided I would run a hilly route. (For DC folks I’m talking about the Custis Trail)

A cute pond along the way

I should have known as I trudged up the first hill that it wasn’t going to be a stellar run, but I just went with it.


Look at this light and this traill!
At the turn around point, I hit up the water fountain, and instead of focusing on how slow I felt and how hot it was, I just decided to try to be grateful for the day and being able to run. Instant attitude adjustment.


This tree was an instant attitude adjustment reminder
And the reward for all that positive thinking came on today’s run. I have zero pictures because that’s how awesome I felt. I didn’t want to stop. Instead of running 10 minute miles, I was running an average of 9:09 with a few sub-9 min miles in there. (The last mile which is up the big hill of doom, really messed with my average). I felt like a champion. I felt redeemed from my slow day.

That’s one of the things about running – one day you can feel completely off, but the next you might feel like a million bucks. It’s taken me almost 5 years to figure that lesson out, but finally learning to be at peace with bad runs or a bad workout is one of the most amazing feelings. It’s helped me in my non-running life too. I highly recommend not being like me and learning this lesson early on.


One thought on “Somedays you fly, others you trudge

  1. i am loving these training posts. makes me think i should start writing about mine – perhaps they will inspire me on my low motivation days, like your posts do.

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