Long Run 15 Miles + Week 4 of Chicago Marathon Training

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to get a 15 mile long run in. (Why is it that 15 miles mentally feels so much longer than 13 miles? I don’t know!)

I decided to run along the C&O Canal which is both beautiful and so nice on my joints. DC runners, if you haven’t made running along the C&O canal a part of your regular running route, I highly recommend it!

I wasn’t aiming to hit a particular pace, just to go out and have a good run. I felt great the first 11 miles, and then things kind of fell apart a bit. It started getting warmer, but I don’t want to make excuses 😉

The scenery was obviously beautiful along the way.

After my run I refueled at Ray’s Hell Burger. This place is epic and delicious. I had the Big Punisher Burger and tots. The burger has pepper jack cheese, grilled jalepenos, heck sauce, grilled onions and piranha sauce. It’s a delicious post-run treat.

 Here’s what my week looked like running-wise:

Monday – Day off, but I did 45 mins of yoga at home. It felt GREAT and actually helped me catch a few extra hours of sleep.

Tuesday – 9 miles total, 2 warm up, 5 @ HMGP and 2 cool down.

I did the 2 warm up and the 5 @ HMGP, but felt so wobbly that I called it quits after the 5 that were actually :30 off my HMGP. This wasn’t a stellar workout for me, but I hadn’t gotten great sleep.

Wednesday – 5 miles easy.

I actually did 6, so that I could make up for some of my slacking from Tuesday. I felt a lot better.

Thursday – 7 + 10×100 m strides

I ran 8 (including the strides) to make up for the mile I was missing. This run felt GREAT.


Friday was waffle night at work!
FRIDAY – rest

I was so exhausted from the week (it was a tough one at work) so I got double digit sleep. I managed to eat well which helped me with my run on Saturday.

SATURDAY – 15 miles


SUNDAY – 5 miles easy

I was definitely feeling those 15 from the day before. I felt tired, but good tired.

TOTAL: 41 miles! It was my first week in the 40s. It surely won’t be my last! 


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