Another Run

I had another not so great run today. I had 8 easy miles on my schedule, and my legs just felt like they were full of lead. 

It could be my fast run yesterday. It could be lack of proper fueling before the run. It could be the five hours of sleep I got yesterday. It could be all of it. All I know is that it didn’t feel great. That’s okay. I have a day off tomorrow and I am planning on sleeping and doing some yoga. 

I’m looking forward to the Leesburg 20K next weekend. It should give me a good idea of a reasonable goal to set for Chicago. 

Friends and colleagues have been asking me if I have a goal for Chicago. I usually say I want break 4 hours. My dream though is to get in around 3:45. My PR is from 2012, and its 4:12:09, when I ran Steamtown. I have no idea if 3:45 is realistic. My heart tells me yes, it’s just a matter of whether I can let my mind say yes too. 


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