Capitol Hill Classic Race Recap

So it’s been about 2 months back running & what better way to celebrate than running a 10K, amiright?

Capitol Hill Classic start and finish line


How cool is the Peabody School?
It’s hard for me to not get the warm fuzzies from this race. It’s always right around my birthday, and I love running on Capitol Hill (because deep down inside, as a former poll sci major, I am a big NERD). I ALWAYS forget though that Capitol Hill gets its name because it is situated on a hill. Weird right? If hill running and I were in a relationship we would have repeatedly broken up and gotten back together – I’m still waiting for the hills to buy me dinner and apologize with flowers.

Anyway – I woke up feeling fab & grabbed a Picky Bar on my way out the door. J and I had plans to get to the race EARLY because my coach had me running a 1 mile warm up before the race.


We look ready right?
I started the race fast, but I felt comfortable. In fact, I was technically on par to PR through the first half – but the first half is mostly downhill. There’s a part of this race where you run around the RFK parking lot, and it just kind of always depresses me. I don’t know why, but it’s like I see this long chain of people in front of me, and I can see that it’s a ways to run around this uber depressing parking lot and I get all funked inside. Anyway, this is where this race started to head off the rails for me.

Coming out of the parking lot I had to run up what I would call a minor hill, plus a gradual run up Capitol Hill back towards the Capitol building. This was my slowest mile – it was basically a full minute slower than my other miles. Whoops. Looks like I need to work on hill running.

At this point (between miles 4-5) I knew I had blown my chances of PRing, and I saw J. I think I breathlessly said something like “I’m struggling,” or perhaps “I’m REALLY struggling.” I tried my best to hold it together, but I kind of started cursing the race and wishing that this was an 8K instead. At this point my tummy was also actin’ a fool and rioting against the Picky Bar I ate. So that was fun.

I finished in 53:40, which is an average of 8:39 per mile. That’s actually slower than I ran my 10 miler a few weeks ago.

It’s also almost 2:00 slower than my official 10K race PR from 2013. I say official 10K race PR, because it probably isn’t even a PR, because I’ve run a half marathon faster than that 10K. Soooo yeah. Still chasing that 10K PR.

BUT here are the great things (since I’m trying to focus on the positive):

-running is coming back to me more and more every day I get out there

-I’ve been so much better about what I’m eating generally (though I still treat myself to my daily chocolate and occasional meal out)

-I’ve only been running for 2 months after taking 5 months off from running COMPLETELY. This is pretty great progress I think.

-I don’t feel like I will be sore tomorrow, which I hope means that leg strength is there, I just need to boost my endurance.

-I can run my pace runs during training faster than I think I can. I had kind of a devastating moment earlier this week when I was trying to run 4 miles at Half Marathon Goal pace, and just couldn’t do it mentally. Ha. I showed my Tuesday self what’s up.

-I know what I need to work on: hill running and endurance.

-I am building a good base for marathon training.

The Chicago Marathon is going to be my BIG race this year. It happens in early October, and here is the GREAT news: it is pancake flat.

My next race is Wednesday (aka MY BIRTHDAY) – I’ll be running a 3 mile race with folks from work. It’s the Capital Challenge, and I’m hoping to PR there. My PR from 2 years ago (geez 2013, what is it with that year) was 24:24 – 8:08 per mile. Considering I ran a 5K faster than that a few weekends ago, I think I’ve got this.


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