Back To It

There is so much I have neglected to write about … my half marathon (yes I PRed, but it wasn’t the PR I wanted), another half marathon in some serious heat, and a 10 miler that I love … let’s just say no records were shattered and I promise to be a better blogger!

This week I’ve been on staycation! Which means … pool time!


Life hasn’t been all sunscreen and 50 cent cups of ice at my local public pool.  I’ve also been trying to bring running back into my workout rotation. (Prior to Monday, I haven’t run since June 15th! I’m a fan of the occasional seasonal break from running.) Anyone who lives in the DC area will tell you that it’s been demonishly hot this week. So Monday I just took it easy on the treadmill, and added a little HIIT circuit in for strength after.

Today I did a mile time trial, again on the treadmill. I’m not one of those super speedy runners.


But given that I haven’t run in a month, I was pretty pumped. Let’s ignore the fact that I kind of wanted to pass out afterwards.

I should mention that I am taking Angel’s 21 Day Fitness Challenge. What I love is that it incorporates goals, workouts and eating clean! I need to step away from the bread, and the rice, and the cookies, and the ice cream, and the Diet Dr. Pepper. (Are you sensing a theme? I have many food/beverage vices.) So far I’ve sweated A LOT and sweating makes me feel great! Today’s challenge also included doing as many push ups as possible in 90 seconds, and as many jumping lunges as possible in 90 seconds. My thighs were burning and begging for mercy. I still had it in me for the bonus round: 1 more mile, as fast as possible – this time in 8:00. I was pretty tired.


I don’t know how to explain this face … clearly part pool time with obvious sunglasses tan, part “I really want to get that sub 1:50 half marathon PR when I run in Richmond”. Did I mention that before? No? I signed up for two fall half marathons … The Freedom’s Run Half in October (which will be a hilly training run) and the American Family Fitness Half Marathon in Richmond in November.  I’ve realized through training for 2 marathons in this DC heat and humidity that it feels a heckuva lot better to pick a later race. I am going to really focus on trying to get that sub 1:50 half time with all the cells in my body. Please remind me of this when I complain about running so much during the week. It will feel great to get that PR.

You know what else feels great? Other than my super cool bathroom floor- obvs … these socks:


They were a treat to myself from awhile back. I had heard from a birdie/several running blogs that they’re supposed to help prevent those dang toe blisters and toe rubbing. I am kind of grossing myself out so I won’t go into too many details, but let’s just say I took these puppies for a test drive today and they felt great.

On to tomorrow! I have some stuff to take care of at home, so I’ll either have to get up early to run, or wait until later in the day (as this non-morning person usually does)

Do you have a favorite time of day to workout? 

How do you treat yo self after a good workout?