It was a busy week … just thinking back on it makes me a little tired.

There was an election, which in my line of work is like the Super Bowl, Christmas, and the Olympics combined. It’s very exciting, and part of me still feels like I used up a month’s worth of adrenaline between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday began at 6am when Josh and I tried to beat the crowds at our polling place. When we got there the line was already around the block, and it took us about an hour and a half to get inside to cast our ballots. I have to say, in the end it was worth it because I’ve kept my streak of voting in every presidential election since I turned 18!

I had to stay up to watch returns for work, and on Wednesday I had to be into work at 7am so needless to say I was little tired.

I went on my first run since the marathon on Tuesday. I went 4.5 miles on the treadmill. It felt like I hadn’t run in a long time.  I had every intention of running on Wednesday or Thursday but I just couldn’t do it. I was tired, and I needed to try to give my mind some quiet time after work.

So tonight, after going to a double session of barre (that’s 2 hours of thigh shaking, ab crunching goodness) I came home to a brinner egg, turkey bacon and potato burrito and this guy:


and some knitting from my minnow bucket


I’ve planned a couple of other things this weekend – two runs, some more barre workouts, a movie at the newly renovated theatre in my neighborhood (I’m told they have recliners now!), and maybe a nap or two.

What are your weekend plans? 



I love a good Halloween scare but this is crazy!

We are hunkering down here at Fit for the Finish Line Headquarters for a serious storm. Josh was out of town this weekend, so I did some essential storm prep.


In addition to the usual essentials I whipped up some pumpkin cranberry scones, and some blondies (a personal favorite)


These aren’t exactly distancer runner treats, but desperate times calls for desperate measures! My only hope is that we don’t finish off the blondies before the storm actually arrives!

I’ve also been working on my latest knitting project. Here it is displayed as if it is an essential part of my living room.


Eventually it will be one of those lovely loopy cowls that I imagine will keep me warm. Do you want to see it up close? I’ll answer that. Yes.


This has taken me so dang long to knit! It’s because I am slow, and I haven’t been a good knitter lately (I’ve been infrequent at best) and it’s colorwork (or colourwork? I’ve never been clear as to whether I ought to default to the British spelling) so I’m slow. I started it this past summer with the intention of being able to finish before it gets super cold. Looks like that won’t happen – but oh well! At the very least, even if we lose power I will have something to occupy my time!

How do you prepare for a big storm?