Friday Round Up


We made it through another week! That’s ALWAYS an accomplishment worth celebrating in my book! Here are things I’ve been craving, noticing, and pinning this week!

The earthquake in Italy is just so sad. But in case you haven’t read about the history of pasta all’amatriciana, please do! Food52 had a great write-up and it includes a recipe so you can make your own at home. I’m going to go ahead and declare GUANCIALE is the new bacon.

Kitchn had a great list of easy make ahead breakfasts. These come in so handy when you are pressed for time, or if you work overnights with limited access to appliances!

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen has a recipe for Potato, Leek and Chard Frittata. Let’s do this!

My friend Rebecca made me salivate when I read her post about  Mexican potato nachos. I repeat, MEXICAN. POTATO. NACHOS.

While we’re talking potatoes – how about Pinch of Yum’s Loaded Mediterranean Street Fries?

My wedding is only a few weeks away (just about 4 to be exact) so I’ve had a lot of wedding stuff on my brain.

Remember Loving v. Virginia? (Hint: It was the Supreme Court case that struck down laws against interracial marraige) Well, the Lovings’ marriage license is on display! I think I have to go see it.

I know they’re a staple of weddings (although we won’t have any at mine) the Kitchn’s history of the mason jar was an interesting read!

Make up alert! I’ve yet to pull the trigger on a Glossier purchase, but I read this profile of the company with great interest.

Also I loved Damsel in Dior’s favorite drugstore beauty products!

Since I’m still a bit of a sewing newbie, I am still assembling my must have tools. I loved this post from Closet Case Files rounding up 13 sewing tools to splurge on.

Who is YOUR podcast soulmate? (Mine was Ira Glass.)

Buzzfeed pointed out this guide for what to do when you see Islamophobia. I’ve yet to run this by my Muslim friends, but it piqued my interest.

And for my friends running the Marine Corps Marathon, they’ve announced some route changes because of Metro’s SafeTrack work. What do y’all think?

I’ll be back on Sunday with my training roundup – so far, so good this week!