Lazy Sunday Runday

I guess Sundays can’t really be considered lazy when you get up and run, but i do a fair amount of sitting around after so I’ll go with that.

I got up around 9am, toasted up a bagel and hit the trail by 10:15. One thing I have to say about winter- I love being able to sleep in and not worry about scorching heat. That said, while today’s run was only 9 miles, it was cold. (Okay, yes, I am a wimp. It was in the high 30s. I think my college years in Tennessee spoiled my sense of temperature. For me high 30s = cold. Deal with it.) Given the chilly temps, I was worried that running by the river would be colder so I opted to take the hilly Custis trail. Here’s the thing about hills – they are speedwork in disguise and when your run is mostly uphill going out, the part coming back will give you a nice negative split. I managed to keep an average pace of 9:14 which is good for me. There were points on this run where I could tell that I ran a four mile pace run yesterday at a pace that was a good minute faster. My legs felt like tree trunks in peanut butter during portions of the run. Also I realized I need new music to run to. Anyone got some good, upbeat tunes to recommend? Hit me up.

When I got home I started in on my post race rituals – numero uno is taking a hot shower. Any runner will tell you this is heaven after a long run. But my favorite (which I had kind of forgotten about because I haven’t done it since I was training for Steamtown)  is getting into some compression socks. It feels SOOOOOOO good. Compression socks are like hugs for your calf muscles. Third favorite post-run ritual? Entering my mileage and notes into my running spreadsheet. J got me started on tracking all my runs and it’s really helpful when you’re trying to pinpoint an injury or comparing mileage year to year. It also drives me nuts to enter a big ol’ goose egg into my tracker…so it keeps me going to the gym and hitting the trail.  The tracker is  also great for tracking shoe mileage…currently these ladies are helping me out.


The Brooks Pure Flow 2 is now my go-to long run shoe. I’m a big fan of their pure project line in general. I did a lot of my training last year with the Pure Cadence, and then I picked up a pair of Pure Connects at the Steamtown Marathon Expo that I’ve been using for my shorter runs this year. I have extremely low (some would say non-existent) arches. The Pure Project line has just enough arch support and cushioning for someone like me. At the same time, they’re a kind if minimalist gateway shoe – and help encourage in me a nice forefoot strike.

Outside of running I’ve been getting my craft on. I picked up cross stitching to become even more of an old lady! A few of my crafty friends were participating in the Frosted Pumpkin’s Woodland Sampler so I dove right in too. It took a little getting used to … but here’s January.


I’m still working on February and March’s entries. That’s okay right? It’s still cold like February… again, I know I am a wimp.

What are you working on in March? 



It’s my inaugural blog post … who was in charge of bringing the gatorade and post-race snacks?

To be serious for a moment I’m hoping to use this blog to document my fitness journey. A few years ago (okay, two) on a whim I decided I was going to see how far I could run. Now before you click away off to your other blogs let me tell you something I, like so many people, HATED RUNNING. I don’t know what inside me said I should put on running shoes, but I did. At first, I could only run a mile or so. But after I ran that mile – I celebrated. And I I asked myself a simple question – what if I could run just a little bit  farther?

Fast forward to last year – I finished my first 10 miler. I finished my first half-marathon. I finished my first marathon.

Have I loved every minute of it? No. Have there been times where I want to quit running and eat bowls of ice cream and cake? Of course. But something always brings me back to lacing up those shoes.

My point in blogging isn’t that I am some amazing runner. I’m not. By marathon timing standards, I’m a little better than average. But I have learned a lot about myself through working out. I think everyone deserves to indulge themselves in a little challenge.

I’m also hoping that by blogging my friends and family will keep me on track! Now that I’ve run races I want to get faster! I want to eat better! I want to try new workouts! I want to find out ways to encourage those around me to be fit for their finish lines! So grab your virtual shoes and join me for a run. I promise I’ll let you catch your breath.