Training Recap

Hi y’all – I’m in half marathon base-building mode right now, just trying to get my mileage up into the 40s so that I’ll be ready to run that regularly for training for my half marathon.

I’ve decided to run Richmond again. It’s well-organized, it’s a late half marathon (although there are complications because it’s the weekend AFTER the election- bad for my job) AND its where I set my PR 3 years ago, so I’m looking forward to busting that open!

Here’s how my last week looked:

Monday: OFF. I used this day to adjust back to working nights. It was my first night back, and as predicted I got pretty bad sleep. I had to wake up early for a wedding related meeting. Sleep 1, EmO 0

Tuesday: 9 miles with a ladder workout in there pushing past half marathon goal pace. My goal pace is somewhere between 8:00-7:55 for this half marathon. So I pushed a little beyond this. I got it done, despite more poor sleep AND having to wake up early for my  wedding dress fitting.

Wednesday: 5 miles easy – I finally got better sleep, so I started to feel a little more human, my running though was still not the best.

Thursday: 7 miles + strides. I was finally starting to feel more like myself. Phew.

Friday: Off. I took this as a full on rest day to get some extra sleep. I did some foam rolling and stretching.

Saturday: 14 mile long run with the last 60 minutes alternating pushes. I am not going to lie – this was tough. I kind of wanted to cry and die at the same time? It was SO hot.

Sunday: A forced rest day as I had a horrible migraine. I was supposed to run 5 bringing my mileage to 40, but I just couldn’t  do it AND get enough sleep for work to sleep off my migraine.

So I ended the week with 35.6 miles on the books. Not ideal, but not bad.



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