Friday Round-up

Happy Friday, y’all!

This week I’m pulling together some of my favorite links – things that got me thinking, things that inspired me, and things I’m adding to my wishlist!

Let’s go!

How the Arab World Came Apart – I so want to read this epic (and I mean epic) piece in the New York Times Magazine. I find the Middle East to be so fascinating and perplexing. I devour any article talking about the origins of conflict there.

North Korea Vintage Architecture– Fubiz has a collection of photographs from North Korea, and they are simply stunning. It’s always interesting to get a peek into a country that is so shut off from much of the world.

Masters of Love – This Atlantic piece suggests that successful relationships rely on kindness and generosity. This engaged gal couldn’t agree more.

Parents on Planes Don’t Owe You a Bribe – The Cut responds to a NYTimes piece on parents who hand out goodie bags to airplane passengers.

Vilifying the Russian Swimmer – I had so many emotions when Lilly King won her gold, but as this piece points out why it might not be wise to rush to vilify Efimova.

21 Times Simone Biles Was the Most Relateable Olympian Ever – Digging this Buzzfeed listicle so much. I’ve become a bit of a perfume person ever since my last trip to France. It was for work, and I arguably smelled my very worst.

Simone Manuel’s medal ceremony – I want to watch this over and over and over again. This is what the Olympics are about in my book.

The women’s Olympic Marathon is this weekend. Who is excited? (Me! Me!)

This twisted crown braid tutorial seems like it would be perfect for the summer heat!

Really curious about the new Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon. The black Nirvana is my go-to special occasion scent.

I kind of love this leather bag. Who would have thought that I’d find it on Amazon?

A colleague turned me on to this site – which is making me thing I ought to start collecting enamel pins.

Also – I am a firm believer in “Team Eat More Tacos

Happy weekend to you all! I’ll post a training recap for the week on Sunday!



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