When life happens to running 

I always talk about my work life and my “real life”

Truth is, they are one in the same, but I acknowledge that journalism can be a time consuming and unpredictable job (“Can you leave for Paris tomorrow?”) and running is a time consuming hobby. 
Running definitely makes me a better journalist. Pushing through a run when you’re not feeling it? Try your fifth day of covering a breaking news story via live 7 hour broadcasts with limited equipment and an average of 3 hours of sleep per day. Both have been realities for me. 

Another reality? Earlier this year I traveled to Iran for a week. Running wasn’t an option because we had limited time. A few weeks prior to that, my right hip was so tight I almost cried during a massage appointment. My coach suggested I take a few weeks off from running. So, in preparation for this half marathon I lost 3 weeks of training. 

Normally I’d be freaking out and talking myself out of any possibility of setting a PR. But lately I’ve been hitting all my workouts right on. I haven’t missed a run in the last month and a half, and I’ve got a fire in my belly to push myself on Sunday. 

Life happens, but I definitely no longer feel like that means I need to make excuses or table my ambitions. 


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