Plus ça change

Running has been a slog lately.

I have been SO tired, and just not feeling it. I am having a hard time getting inspired to run. I am having a hard time looking forward to running. It seems like one more thing I have to check off on my list. And I’m not crazy about this.

I have always had a bit of ebb and flow to my love of running. Sometimes I have a hard time getting back into it after disappointing race performances. Other times, I just get burned out.

Lately, work has been pretty time-instensive and I’ve been finding that I just don’t have the mental energy to throw into a run after work. (I have to be in to work at 8a, and I have to catch the train by 7a so running before work isn’t a great option for me)

I’ve also been dealing with a nagging hip. My right hip is just way more tight and it’s throwing everything off in my right leg. (Tight calves, right foot out of whack)

So my wambulance is in full effect.

I’ve been brainstorming a couple of ideas of how to move forward, and some plus/minuses for each:

do more yoga

plus: help calm my mind, great  for stretching my hip/legs

minus: time, and making sure i can get to classes on time (read: work can get in the way)

downgrade shamrock half marathon to shamrock 8K

plus: less pressure on me, go back to original idea of just running for fun, definitely could PR

minus: i would like to bust my half marathon PR, plus it seems silly to travel for an 8K

run the half marathon and then take a break from chasing PRs

plus: gives me time to explore other workouts (crossfit anyone?), still allows me to run when I want

minus: will I feel too disconnected from my running buddies?

So these are all options I am considering. After April, I am planning on scaling way back on my running. I’d like to clear my plate a bit to handle wedding stuff (oh yes, the struggle of planning a wedding is real) and just to have time to enjoy the company of friends and J.





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