New Year!

A New Year is upon us – which means my gym is packed!

Quite honestly, I always waffle a bit as to whether I should make resolutions/promises for a new year. It’s hard, especially when you can’t make good on these promises.

This year I think I’m going to call my promises intentions – it seems like there is less pressure with an intention and I’m hoping that will make a difference.

My first intention is a BIG one. I intend to start the Whole30 on January 5th. And (second intention) I’m going to try to document my experience here on my blog.

For the uninitiated Whole30 is a paleo type diet – no dairy, grains, sugar, or legumes. No sugar also means no agave, no maple syrup, not even that bit of sugar used to cure your bacon! But honestly, let’s not focus on the sugar aspect, it makes me nervous. There is a lot of research that has gone behind this diet, and I read the incredibly helpful companion book to Whole30 It Starts With Food, and I believe that this will be right for me. The authors describe it as a lifestyle change, and not a diet, which really registers with me. I need to eat my vegetables! I’m not eating them enough, and I am hoping that 30 days of eating lots of veggies instead of lots of bread will help me experiment with some new foods.

That said, today’s grocery haul looked fairly similar to what I normally get. So don’t expect anything DRAMATIC just yet.

Trader Joe's haul
Trader Joe’s haul

Here’s what I got:

-red potatoes (potatoes are okay now on Whole30, but in limited quantities)

-bite sized heirloom tomatoes (I’m planning on oven roasting those tonight for bunless burgers, the rest of the roasted tomatoes will go on salads and into eggs for the week)

-baby kale (I LOVE BABY KALE. And I swear I was a kale hater for the longest time.)

-blueberries (for my sweet tooth)

-chunky spicy guacamole (again for our bunless burgers, also GREAT on eggs)

-persian cucumbers (for salads and to throw in my sodastream water)

-limes (again, for salads and to crush into water)

-chai tea (not 100% sure this is compliant, but I am hoping!)

Right now I’m enjoying a glass of raspberry infused soda water.

raspberry soda water
raspberry soda water

I got a soda stream for Christmas, which is exciting – even though I will have to give up my precious Diet Dr. Pepper/producer fuel for my Whole30. It’s okay. I am ready to experience some headaches, but I am going to sub in tea.

So that’s that!

Have you ever tried to change your eating habits? If so how did it go?


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