Some days

So I am 2 days (or nights) back into my night shift work. I get in at 11am, and leave when most people are on their way to work at 7am.

There is so much to be mindful of on this shift. It’s challenging. Running, so far, has been a perfect compliment. A month or two ago, I’m not sure if this would have been the case. That’s because I’ve gotten to a point in my running where my mind just kind of floats along. It no longer tries to fight some elaborate tug of war with my body. It no longer screams “NO!” when I pick up the pace to new to me marathon pace. It just floats along, and listens to music, or thinks about the people who inspire me. Sometimes I am sure I have thoughts while I am running, but I can’t remember them afterwards. It’s kind of like those dreams you know you have, but can only remember strange odd little snippets that make no sense whatsoever.

Finn dog

It totally helps that this guy greets me after every single one of my runs, and every morning when I get home from work. He is a little noisy during the day, as he tries to protect our tiny apartment from any potential intruders, neighbors, or common area cleaning people.

So that’s about it, so far, my shift-related fears of being constantly exhausted, never having the motivation to go for a run have been unfounded. I guess we should all check back in a month … but so far, so good.


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