Less Than Six Weeks!

Ahh I can’t believe that in less than 6 weeks I will be lining up at the start line for the Marine Corps Marathon!

This will be my third marathon (I ran Steamtown in 2012 and the Outer Banks Marathon in 2011). Unlike my previous marathons, I am using the Hanson’s Marathon Method as my training. If you haven’t heard of Hanson’s before, it’s a plan that emphasizes higher mileage and higher quality runs. (Higher quality is just their way of saying more runs at or near your marathon pace. Makes sense to run at that pace right?)

The training has been intense, but good. I feel like I am building confidence, and that my goal (of a sub 4:00 marathon) is in sight if I can stay healthy!

Today I’ve got a 9 mile pace run on tap. At first I dreaded the pace runs, but now I try to see them as an awesome challenge, and an opportunity to shine. Plus, running at a pace that is a good bit below what you’ve run in a half marathon isn’t so bad!

The other exciting news is that I made it into Oiselle’s Flock! I am a huge believer in Oiselle as a company (as an aside, they aren’t compensating or paying me in any way to write this). A female-driven company that makes functional and fashionable running gear is right up my alley. They’ve got a host of great pros too (Lauren Fleshman, Kara Goucher and Kate Grace to name 3 of my running idols!). I am super excited to meet other members of The Flock, and to be a part of this amazing community of female runners.

My other challenge coming down the pike – I will be shifting to an overnight schedule starting on Sunday night. I’m a journalist, and news doesn’t stop in the middle of the night! I’ll be working from 11pm to 7am and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to sleep and keep up with my training plan. I know it’s bound to be a little challenging at first, but I am really keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it will work out! That is really my one anxiety right now – how I’ll balance running with working that overnight shift. Any positive vibes sent my way are greatly appreciated!

Have you ever worked an overnight shift? Any good tips?

What are you looking forward to this fall?


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