Being Good To Yourself

In two weeks I’ll run my 7th half marathon. 

This morning I ran 12 miles with my irreplaceable running group (shout out to the DC Road Runners Spring Half Marathon Training 9:30 Pace Group). Since my days of college in the south, I have become pretty introverted. So when people would say they went running with someone and talked the entire time, I kind of wanted to wilt inside. I never really understood the appeal of talking while running. But honestly after running with a group, I never want to go back to running by myself. Running with people makes the time go faster even if you don’t talk the whole time. And if you do talk, it helps when you can talk with fellow runners about things that are bothering you – like your knee. 


the best ice pack for knees!


Let’s not talk about my knee though. It’s a little sore, and I’m kind of obsessing about it. I’m going to stress the positive and look back on all of the progress I’ve made since I started running. My first race over a 10K was in 2011 – the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. I famously told my parents I thought I would finish around 1:45 and I ended up finishing in 1:33 something so they never made it to the finish line to see me! Oops! 

In a way, that first “big” race says a lot about me as a runner. I am constantly underestimating my abilities. That sounds braggy, but I promise it’s not. If you had told me in April 2011 that I would be able to run 8:30 miles for an entire half marathon I would have said that you were crazy. And that’s what I’ve done. It hasn’t always been easy. I’ve been injured. 2012 was pretty much a bad year for me all around. And I didn’t get to the point where running didn’t feel unnatural until last year. (I’m not a very natural athlete.) But I stuck with running honestly because I loved the way I felt after I finished a race. I love the faces of the people cheering on loved ones and total strangers. I love to see people cross the finish line, exhausted but completely satisfied. I love that months of work come down to a few hours. 

Here’s the thing – I run quite a bit and I’m not a tiny gal. I’ve got a belly. My back sometimes spills over my sports bra. There are parts of me I wish looked different. Sometimes I go through the same thing we all go through – self-loathing, putting myself down for not making better choices. I don’t spend nearly the same amount of time praising myself for what my body does. (That sounds gross.) I dont think about the fact that this is the body that has carried me across so many finish lines. This is the body that has smashed PRs. This is the body that helps me do what I love most Saturday mornings. 

So these next two weeks I am going to be good to myself. I will try to eat well, but I won’t deny myself a few treats here and there. Speaking of which, thank goodness that the Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken food truck was in my neighborhood today. I mean, cold Saturdays after a long run merit a treat. Am I right? 


Astro Doughnuts – maple bacon and crème brulée. I am sharing these.

Tonight I’m going to watch some movies with my sister in law (who is now my neighbor…I can’t tell you how excited that makes me). I have a feeling we might pop open a bottle of prosecco and I have a feeling there will be laughter. 


Also? I bought myself a little treat … feast your eyes on these: 

Oiselle’s LF sweatpants


Nothing says sexy quite like sweatpants … but these are magic. I’m a huge fan of Oiselle. Their clothes are functional, cute and their brand is all about strong, amazing women. These sweatpants will be the perfect thing to slip into after my race. I can’t wait till they get here. This is probably the third time I’ve ordered something (with my own money, mind you) from Oiselle this year. I love them that much. 

What do you do to treat yourself? 

What plans do you have this weekend? 


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